11 Places in Austria You Can Visit Right Now, Virtually

    From Schönbrunn Palace to Europe's largest ice caves, explore these places in Austria from your sofa!

    1. Schönbrunn Palace

    Feel like an empress or emperor and stroll through splendid state apartments while kicking back on the couch at home, with the virtual tour through Schönbrunn Palace

    The journey begins in the imperial family dining room of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, Sisi, and continues to the breakfast chamber before taking you to the Yellow Salon – furnished in neo-Rococo style – and on to the magnificent Mirrors Room. 

    Built in the 17th century, the former summer residence of the Habsburgs is full of stories and history. Look and marvel!

    Walk the Royal Halls
    Ehrenhof (Court of honour) Schönbrunn Palace

    2. Großglockner High Alpine Road

    Austria's 48-kilometre Großglockner High Alpine Road links the provinces of Salzburg and Carinthia. Whether you start from the Salzburg side or from Carinthia’s Mölltal, crossing this Alpine ridge offers impressive views all around and the opportunity to explore a variety of vegetation zones. You'll pass by Alpine meadows, mountain forests, massive rock formations, and finally the Pasterze glacier before summiting the Großglockner, the country’s highest mountain at 3,798 metres. And the great thing is that you can now enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding towering peaks from home.

    See Austria's highest mountain live
    Grossglockner High Alpine Road

    3. City of Innsbruck & Nordkette Mountain

    Nestled in the midst of impressive peaks, Innsbruck is wholly deserving of its nickname "Capital of the Alps". Right now, you can explore both the city, its traditions and architecture and nearby Nordkette mountain with 12 different 360°/VR videos. Whether you'd like to attend a traditional "Schuhplattler" performance, explore Innsbruck's Christmas market, or tear down the Nordkette's ski pistes or mountain-biking trails, you can do all that here - and if you have a VR headset, you can even switch into VR mode to be that much closer to Innsbruck. Simply click on "Menu" to choose your favourite online experience!

    Snowboard down Nordkette mountain or attend a traditional Tiroler evening

    4. Giant Ice Caves in Werfen

    Normally, adventurers venture into the depths of the mountain in groups as part of a guided tour. Then it’s time to climb stairs: one ascends 100 vertical metres through the huge “Posselthalle”, whose floor is completely covered with ice. Columns and towers of ice line the path. 

    Today, however, we embark on the adventure-filled excursion right from our living room: floating in a 360° perspective between the rock walls bearing a glittering coat of furry crystals. Enormous ice formations shimmer in turquoise in the light of magnesium torches. A narrow passageway leads straight to the “Dome”, the largest room on the tour. The ice floor is as smooth as glass in the “Ice Palace”, some 400 metres beneath the surface. From here, the fantastical journey takes us past the “Ice Gate” and back to the entrance by way of a 100-metre-long tunnel carved into the ice.

    Explore in 360 degrees
    World of Ice Giants / Salzburg

    5. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

    The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (Museum of Fine Arts) takes us on a tour through the golden ages of art: one can marvel at works by great masters such as Rubens, Titian, Rembrandt, Raphael, and Velázquez – all online!

    You now have the chance to experience the largest Bruegel collection in the world on this NEW virtual tour.

    See the museum's works of art in Google's online collection, or stroll through the museum with this 360-degree video:

    Take an Art-Filled Stroll
    Art History Museum Vienna

    6. Saalfelden Leogang

    A series of 360-degree videos take you on interactive hikes to the most beautiful spots in Saalfelden Leogang near Salzburg. Simply press play and look around for yourself:

    • 360° Hike to Saalfelden Leogang's hermitage: Built into the rock above Lichtenberg Castle in the 1600s, the local hermitage is a place to relax and recharge. The hike up to 1,006 metres above sea level offers impressive views of the surrounding mountains. See for yourself!
    • 360° Sunrise Hike to Saalfelden Leogang's Lookout: Nothing quite beats seeing the sun rise over untouched landscapes. Hike along Ritzensee lake to the lookout and enjoy great views of the town and the surrounding mountains.
    • 360° Hike up to Riedlspitz Viewpoint: Make your way through lush forests and over blooming meadows to this viewpoint at 1,480 metres. Along the way, a wrought-iron swing lets you relax and just take in your surroundings before you continue to the viewpoint with its valley panorama.
    Hermitage in Saalfelden Leogang

    7. Mozart's Salzburg

    Salzburg has quite the virtual offers for you. Highlights include:

    • Mozart's Birthplace: Perhaps one of Salzburg's most iconic places of interest, Mozart's birthplace in the heart of the city invites you to stroll the impressively decorated rooms and learn more about Austria's famous son.
    • Mozart's Home: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in this Salzburg residence from 1773 to 1787. Here, the Mozart family composed music and planned their extensive concert tours that took them all over Europe and as far as London. Currently, a virtual tour takes you through a special exhibition devoted to Wolfgang Amadeus' father, Leopold Mozart, whilst also giving an authentic impression of the family’s day to day life within these walls. Walk through Mozart's home here.
    • Hellbrunn Palace: An impressive multimedia walk through the palace and its gardens, complete with its famous trick fountains.
    Explore more from Salzburg virtually
    View to the city of Salzburg

    8. Wörthersee Lake in Carinthia

    Let's take an imaginary trip: The deep blue Wörthersee lake lies at your feet. Would you like to leap into its crystal-clear waters or go out for a sailboat ride? We'll dock in Pörtschach or Velden, or one of the many other charming resort towns lining the lake and enjoy the sun.

    It is no wonder that Gustav Mahler, Johannes Brahms, and many other celebrities regularly spent their holidays here. While right now, we can’t enjoy an iced coffee on the promenade or climb the Pyramidenkogel (the world’s highest wooden observation tower), we can embark on a virtual voyage of discovery to the island of Maria Wörth or to Klagenfurt. And in summer, we’ll be there in person.

    Take a virtual dip in the lake
    Lake Wörthersee

    9. Austria's Lake Region

    Head up to Schafberg mountain, enjoy the views of the lake region, and recharge your batteries. The Salzkammergut lake region is located in the picturesque wonderland of mountains and lakes between Upper Austria, Salzburg, and Styria. Precious few landscapes can boast so many inspiring and often breathtakingly beautiful spots, offering peace and relaxation as well as new energy. 

    The Schafbergbahn, Austria’s steepest cog railway, features both modern and vintage locomotives taking visitors up to Schafberg mountain and back down, making the journey an unforgettable experience. This rail line has been transporting passengers from St. Wolfgang up to the 1,783-metre-high Schafberg since 1893.

    Watch in 360 degrees
    Schafberg, Wolfgangsee / Schafberg / Wolfgangsee

    10. Vienna State Opera

    Music opens people’s hearts. Music connects. What better reason in times like these to relish some of the most beautiful melodies ever composed. Even if you cannot be there in person: simply take a seat in your living room, relax, and enjoy.

    The Vienna State Opera streams the very best of classical music via the internet: watch opera and ballet performances on your computer, mobile devices, and via apps on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Samsung SmartTV.

    You can also take a look behind the scene with this virtual panorama.

    Listen in
    Vienna State Opera / Staatsoper Wien

    11. Vienna's Schönbrunn Zoo

    Want to watch a baby polar bear enjoy her lunch? Play with giraffes at eye level? Take giant leaps with Australian kangaroos? The Schönbrunn Zoo’s extensive video collection allows you to experience its animals at close range – without having to leave home. 

    In the course of its history, Vienna's Schönbrunn Zoo – the oldest of its kind in the world – has developed into a centre for nature and species conservation, contributing to environmental sustainability. 

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    Tiergarten Schönbrunn

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    Ehrenhof (Court of honour) Schönbrunn Palace

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